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“Patty has been an invaluable resource who is a teacher, coach, mentor, and friend. We live thousands of miles away, and still feel like she gives us amazing individual attention, as well as flexibility for lessons. Just tonight my daughter needed a song and two monologues for a video audition. Patty not only took the time to read the information we sent, She was able to quickly come up with all kinds of good options and knows so much about musicals and theater that we could put something together in an hour. Wherever you live, she is an amazing choice for a voice and acting coach."

Parent of a Virtual High School Student Singer

Parent of an Undergraduate Singer

“Patty came to us at just the right time. My daughter had fallen out of her love of singing and not only did Patty guide her back but helped her find the love and joy in it again. Patty also taught her in way that encouraged my daughter to sing in a way she had always been told she would never be able, and reach goals she once thought unattainable. Patty is not only a teacher but also a mentor, guiding my daughter through all various singing options while also coaching her through the college process. She takes the time to know her students as a person and cares a great deal, even coming to performances when able. Patty has been just excellent, and I highly recommend!!"

Parent of a High School Senior Singer

"My daughter has been singing with Patty Irwin for three and a half-years, and I can’t say enough amazing things about her!  It has been so rewarding to watch her have a ton of fun while growing as a singer.  Patty, is supportive and nurturing. She not only instructs her in proper vocal techniques and music theory, but she also teaches my daughter the mechanics of how her muscles work together when she sings. Over the past few years, I’ve seen have seen my daughter's control, technique, and self confidence soar!  As she has matured, Patty has tailored her lessons to meet her changing goals. Whether your child is just starting out, or has been signing for a while, Patty is the perfect teacher to help them reach the next level and achieve their aspirations as a performer."

Parent of an Elementary-Aged Singer

"My daughter has been taking voice lessons with Patty for the last few years. At the time she started, she was feeling down on herself as a singer and insecure about her voice. Patty was the ray of sunshine she needed in her life. Over the last couple of years, through Patty’s insistence that vocal technique be taught in a fun and joyful way, my daughter’s confidence and love for singing has grown immeasurably. We are forever grateful to Patty for helping our daughter access this love again. No matter where she attends college for acting, my daughter intends to continue vocal lessons with Patty. She is truly a treasure and an immense vocal talent herself!"
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